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Mission Statement:
We assist clients with creating a business administration that will optimize compliance, stability, growth, and sustainability.

Vision Statement:
Every client is compliant, stable, and sustainable.

The contractual journey begins when the award letter is received.

AsterLove Consulting Services is a client-friendly company that provides professional consultative services in the areas of:

  1. Post-award contract and grant management
    Post-award contract and grant management consulting provides contractual service guidance to clients who have been awarded federal, state, local or private funds to provide services. Services include creating sound business practices, effective management of contracts and grants, and assisting clients in preparing for monitoring activities. This requires a thorough understanding of fiscal stewardship, reporting requirements, completing documentation, and maintaining exceptional administrative and management organization.
  2. Administrative and management organization
    A solid administrative and management structure breeds success for any organization. The goal of AsterLove Consulting Services is to assist clients with developing, strengthening, and maintaining a strong administrative and management foundation.

AsterLove Consulting Services provides optimal post-award contractual guidance and expertise to assist in the following areas:

  1. Contract and Grant Management
  2. Nonprofit Management
  3. Administrative and Management Services
  4. Notary Services
  5. Training Development and Facilitation
  6. Customer Service
  7. Public Speaking

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